B205D Compact 150-Watt Monitor

The ultra-compact B205D packs 150 Watts of amazing Class-D sound into a speaker system so light, you can mount it on a mic stand and aim it right at your ears – for the perfect personal monitor. But don’t let the small size fool you – the B205D cranks out truckloads of high-quality sound; more than enough to serve as a PA system for your more intimate gigs and meetings – and it comes packed with features that will simply blow you away!

£15.00 p/w
RCF HDL-18A Active High Power Subwoofer
£30.00 p/w
RCF HDL-20A Active Speaker

The careful acoustic design, no compromise transducers and a unique, composite cabinet, design make the HDL 20-A the preferred tool of many professionals. Perfect in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situations.

The HDL 20-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must. The system is powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2 way digital amplifier, sound is processed from a powerful DSP. The processing includes cluster and HF projection correction and special new presets for indoor and high curving situations. The system features state of the art RCF transducers, two powerful 10” for a solid bass reproduction and a large format 3” voice coil compression driver to deliver vocal clarity and high definition with an incredible dynamic.

£40.00 p/w
RCF TTS-36A Active High Power Subwoofer

The TTS36A is a high power, high output active subwoofer system that sets a new standard in touring sound reinforcement.  The new 18" neodymium design represents the result of many years dedicated in pioneering new solutions for the transducers technology.  The integration of the 4000 Watt, 2 channel digital amplification and the advanced digital processing set a new standard for distortion, noise, and thermal efficiency.     

£75.00 p/w
RCF HDL-20A Flying Frame
£10.00 p/w
RCF HDL-20A Light Flying Frame
£3.00 p/w
RCF Evox 8 Active Two-Way Array

Evox 8 is a portable compact size sound reinforcement system. Evox 8 combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers with a very high amplification power. The system features eight 2.0” full range transducers in the line source
satellite and a deep sounding 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. The system is designed to be the perfect high output solution for live music and DJs. The unique vocal attitude and SPL make Evox 8 the perfect tool for larger presentations, corporate events and congresses.

£30.00 p/w
Yamaha DSR112 Active Loudspeaker

The DSR112 is the most compact and versatile multi-purpose 2-way active loudspeaker system in the series. Capable of an astonishing maximum peak SPL of 134dB, the DSR112 is a perfect match to a wide range of portable PA and installation applications. Ideal for use as a front of house main PA, as well as for stage monitoring applications, it also includes integrated M10 rigging points for suspended applications.

£30.00 p/w
Yamaha DSR118W Active Loudspeaker

The DSR118W is a compact and high power active subwoofer system that extends the bass of the DSR full range speaker system to below 40Hz. With a high efficiency, low distortion 800W Class-D amplifier and a long travel, cast frame 18" woofer, the DSR118W achieves maximum peak SPL of 132dB. It also features a 35mm pole socket on the top, making it easy to set up a high performance sub/mid-high system.

£30.00 p/w
Yamaha Stagepas 300

No matter where your music leads, Yamaha's new STAGEPAS™ 300 Portable PA system has the power and portability to go with you. It has all the power and high-quality sound you need to fill a small performance space, yet it is small and light enough to take wherever it is needed. Combining a built-in powered mixer and PA speakers, it's incredibly easy to use - you can be set up and playing in a matter of minutes! STAGEPAS™ 300 is the perfect road companion, providing powerful, reliable, convenient sound reinforcement for a wide variety of applications. Great sound has never been so portable - and so easy to use. High quality, convenience, and power to go!

£20.00 p/w
GlobalTruss LA500 F34 PL Line Array Tower

Ideal for line array loudspeaker systems up to 500kg, the LA500 from Global Truss utilises F34PL quad truss. This PA tower can also be used for video walls, LED walls or projector screens.

£250.00 p/w
Clever Acoustics BGS 35T White 100V (Pair)

Indoor background music loudspeakers featuring ABS enclosures and sturdy metal grilles. Suitable for free standing or wall mounting via adjustable pivot fixing bracket, allowing horizontal or vertical installation. The trapezoidal design allows for the enclosures to be mounted neatly into corners, making them ideal for installation into bars, cafés, hotels and offices.

£14.00 p/w
K&M Adjustable Speaker Pole

The Konig and Meyer 21337 Adjustable Speaker Pole features height adjustment with non-scratching lock screw and safety system, with moveable plastic splints to help reduce vibration.

£2.00 p/w
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