Liftket 1000kg Electric Chain Hoist

Liftket electric chain hoist

type - 1000/1-4

Capacity - 1000kg

Main speed - 4m/min

Number of falls - 1

Version - SB4.1/12J

Mode of use - Inverted use

Voltage - 415v/50hz/3ph

Type of control - Direct control

Protective type - IP54

Norm - BGV D8

No of brakes - 2

Lifting height - 20m

Version of hook - Hook tackle

Suspension - Single eye

Chain guide - With

Handles - With

Brake test plug - With

Chain bag - With (7/24k)

£20.00 p/w
Tractel TRALift Manual Chain Hoist SWL 250kg

Tralift™ type hoists are manual chain hoists. They are used to lift loads. The product is very easy to install. For lifting, the hoists are usually attached to Corso clamps or trolleys. Lifting or positioning of a load using a Tralift™ lever hoist.

The robust design allows you to easily lift 250kg. The chain drop of 10m makes it a very versitle chain hoist. 


£10.00 p/w
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