Lighting Effects

Kvant ATOM 12 FB4

Kvant ATOM 12 is a powerful Pure Diode laser system designed for large indoor venues and smaller outdoor events for up to about 8,000 people. This robust system is built to last and it's suitable for touring.

£350.00 p/w
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe. The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash intensity is possible. The Atomic 3000 DMX is both intense and intelligent. DMX controllable, it employs a smart, integrated heat control that eliminates the need for cool down time. 


£20.00 p/w
400 Watt UV Canon

A powerful UV Cannon which emits an incredible amount of UV light that will cover a large area, ideal for night clubs, rave parties and more!

Give your night club and dance floors a blast of UV light, this huge and powerful UV Cannon is an ideal device to use for DJ parties, night clubs and more. Specially developed for 400w high pressure UV (blacklight) lamps the UV Cannon includes an adjustable mounting bracket which allows you to attach it to the ceiling.

The UV Cannon also features a parabolic reflector and safety grille to spread the light whilst also keeping hands away from the powerful blacklight bulb (included).

£10.00 p/w
LTW PAR 64 100w LED UV Cannon
£10.00 p/w
Laserworld CS-1500 RGB Laser

Our new high-power unit in the Club Series: With great 445nm royal-blue and therefore extended color spectrum. Full color lasers combine red, green and blue to mix multiple colors, including white light. The CS-1500RGB uses a 445nm blue diode laser with its' powerfull royal blue. The CS-1500RGB has even faster scanners than the other Club Series units: 30.000pps galvos! It can be used stand-alone, in music mode, controlled by DMX512 or ILDA (computer control). The different interfaces allow easy integration into your existing light show. Combined with single color or RGY systems you can create spacious and exciting lasershows with full color.

£25.00 p/w
Mirror Ball 20 Inch

A very popular transportable and lightweight mirror ball which can provide a disco atmosphere to parties, barbecues, dances, or any event by projecting a sparkle effect onto surfaces within range when a spotlight is directed at the mirror ball. Made from lightweight material and covered with polished mirror glass facets.

£5.00 p/w
Clay Paky Stormy CC

Stormy innovates tradition since it uses the latest LED technology, but retains all the charm of a classic strobe. The light source is a strip of powerful white LEDs, which perfectly emulate a bright Xenon linear lamp. The flash effect is actually enhanced since the Stormy is equipped with a parabolic reflector, like a classic strobe, and does not project the light directly forwards like other LED strobes do. The frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse are fully digitally controlled, and these parameters are even independently adjustable, which is impossible with a xenon lamp strobe. Thanks to its highly sophisticated electronics, the light turns on and off instantly, creating the jerky movement illusion. The time the light is on (the pulse duration) may be extended as required. Thanks to the use of LEDs, the light intensity remains absolutely constant, without flickering effect. The Stormy also comes with RGBW LEDs, which are able to flash in any color: there is no more need for gels, which dramatically reduce the amount of light, or slow noisy unreliable scrollers.

£35.00 p/w
Elation Sniper 2R

Fast, precise and powerful the new Sniper 2R™ is a revolutionary new hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator which features new lamp technology, the MSD Platinum 2R Lamp at 132 Watts / 6,000 hours. Capable of producing powerful and precise beam and laser like effects - including liquid sky, laser wave and cones, all moving at speeds never seen before. The Sniper 2R™ main functions include a X / Y scan and Z rotation mirror system, 3 facet rotating prism, variable speed shutter / dimmer / strobe, 14 dichroic colors, 17 static gobos including beam reduction gobos, 5pin DMX and powerCON in/out connections, (4) button control panel, 220W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (120-240v).


£35.00 p/w
Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2

The new CUEPIX Blinder WW2™ features (2) long life 100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs, a 60° beam angle, RDM (Remote Device Management), individual control of each COB module including manual pan focus, variable and selectable dimming curves, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, 3pin and 5pin DMX and powerCon in/out connections, LCD menu display with 4 button control panel, integrated rigging bracket, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-250v).

£10.00 p/w
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