Strand SL 15/32 Profile

Strand SL 15/32 Profile
£6.00 p/w

Strand SL 15/32 Profile

Product Code: Strand SL 15/32 Profile LANTERNS
  • Smooth 360º body rotation for quick and easy gobo and shutter positioning
  • High efficiency dichroic glass reflector and coated aspheric computer-designed lenses
  • Coolbeam operation for extended gobo, shutter and gel life
  • Fast positive peak/fl at adjustment via screw drive mechanism for smooth, tool-free field settings
  • Fast and easy lamp centering with positive screw driver lock so that it won’t move in transit
  • Optimized for energy efficient, high performance GLC 575W lamps
Price: £6.00 p/w
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Gobo Holder:

Excellent light output, superb distribution and the smoothest soft edge while maintaining beam size. Sharp gobo, edge and shutter focus. Very compact and narrow with the smallest dimensions in their category. Easy to use and maintain with many features for increased safety.

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