LDR Canto 1200 MSR

LDR Canto 1200 MSR
£50.00 p/w

LDR Canto 1200 MSR

Product Code: LDR Canto 1200 MSR FOLLOW SPOTS
  • 1200W Lamp Source
  • Double Condenser Zoom Optical System
  • Large Side Handle to Control Pan and Tilt
  • Minimum beam angle of 8° produces 2500 lux at 30m
  • Electric Ballast
  • 5 frame gel magazine
  • Power: 16 amp plug (Hardwired)
  • Supplied with stand
Price: £50.00 p/w
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The most powerful discharge source in the range, this 1200W followspot is designed for use with either a MSR or MSD source.

It incorporates a double condenser zoom optical system, a large side handle to control pan and tilt movement, and a double microswitch for safe lamp replacement. The minimum beam angle of 8° produces nearly 2500 lux at 30m with a 3m beam diameter.

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