Dimming & Distro

Avolites ART 2000t

The ART 2000 controls up to 48 individual channels using four plug in modules of 12 channels each.

- a 16amp 12 channel continuously rated dimming module with 250uS rise time- a 16amp 12 channel switch module for powering moving lights or other equipment.

20 Multicore output connectors ensure that cabling will be as simple and reliable as possible. Each channel of each Multicore output connector can be patched to any channel using the top hotpatch. The Hot Patch incorporates a lamp test indicator making faults easy to find when the same circuit powers more than one fixture.

The 'Load Check' indicators for each dimmable channel give a sure indication that a load is present and the test faders on each dimmer channel ensure that you can easily check that it is the correct load without having the use of a console.

The design incorporates full monitoring and status feedback via the backlit LCD display. Static state environments are catered for using the front panel control faders. Further 12 memories can be recorded for later replaying either as a simple show in the event a console is not available.

Other features include full DMX patch and merge (2 DMX lines), dimmer curve selection per channel, power OK indicators. optional volt and amp metering and optional RCD protection.

£180.00 p/w
Light Processor DMX Buffer Box 5pin

Probably the most state-of-the-art DMX serial data distributor available. Full 1KV galvanic isolation between input and each of the 4 outputs. Each output is fitted 5pin XLRs - all 4 output lines have DMX status indicators. 

£15.00 p/w
Avolites Art 2000 Powercube

The compact box with proven Art 2000 technology is quick to set up. It boasts 12 dimmer circuits@10amp each, 6 combined dimmer and fixed mains @10amp each and 6 fixed mains @ 16Amps each. Available with Single pole and double breakers and standard supplied 5 pole 63A CEE connector, 3 x 30mA RCB’s allowing three phase and single phase operations, socapex or Harting options. Whether it is used for a conference, fashion show or any live event the Powercube powers a wide range of devices from moving lights, strobes, LED battons/fixtures and projectors.

£55.00 p/w
Light Procesessor Paradime Patch Rack

The Paradime Patch Pack is designed to compliment the Paradime range of products. It features the benefits of being able to patch both hot and cold power through to the socapexs.

The hot power is dimmable by DMX or analogue and the cold power comes directly from the breaker and is suitable for use with projectors and moving lights.

£20.00 p/w
Indu 63/3 Power Distribution
£55.00 p/w
W-DIM4 Four-Channel Wireless Dimmer

The RC4 Series 3 W-DIM4 is a high-power wireless DMX receiver and 4-channel DC dimmer for use with Wireless Solution W-DMX and compatible transmitters.  The device operates from 6V to 35VDC, to a maximum total load of 42A.  All features of RC4 Harmonized Design are included: high power, high resolution, modes for video and audio applications, HSL color control, built-in effects engine, and more.

Dimensions: 112mm x 62mm x 31mm

Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, 0.4W idle draw, ~87% regulation efficiency, screw terminal connections

Dimmer Outputs: 4 low-voltage DC dimmers, Anderson Powerpole connections, 16-bit resolution PWM (16,384 steps)

Output Power, per Dimmer: 40A non-continuous, 15A continuous

Maximum Total Power Handling: 42A (limited by rating of Anderson power input connectors)

Multiple PWM frequencies: 77Hz (high power), 615Hz (flicker free), 5kHz (artifact free for video), 20kHz (noise free for audio)*

Multiple Dimmer Curves: Non-Dim, Non-Dim Inverted, Linear, Linear Inverted, Inverse-Square-Law (ISL), ISL inverted, servo motor pulse clockwise (CW), servo motor pulse counter-clockwise (CCW)*

RC4 Digital Persistence™: 8 user-selectable persistence periods emulating a range of filament lamps*

Series 3 Versatility: wired and wireless DMX dimming, RC4 Flkr Effects Engine™, RC4 HSL Color Controller, RC4 HotPatch™, extensive wired RDM support*.

Sensors: Input voltage, internal temperature, individual dimmer current draw, total current draw (sum of 4 dimmers)*

DMX Input/Output: RC4 3.5mm mini, USITT DMX512/1990 data, non-standard port, connector adaptors available. Wired RDM E1.20 and E1.37 (dimmer configuration) support*

Wireless DMX Protocol: Wireless Solution W-DMX G4

RF Antenna: RP-SMA external, omnidirectional.  Alternate antennas can be used for increased sensitivity and directionality.

* All RDM features are available using a wired DMX connection.  Wireless RDM is available as an option, requiring installation of an RDM-capable W-DMX card and an RDM-capable W-DMX transmitter.

£30.00 p/w
LTW 63/3Amp to 4 x 32/3 Amp Distro

Bring safety on stage! Power is the most important chain for a successful show on any stage. Showtec developed together with leading rental companies the power distributors that will keep your power and equipment save. The PSA series gives you real-time voltage and amperage information during your show. Now you can monitor your setup and make sure that the power is correctly distributed at all times.

£15.00 p/w
Zero88 Alpha Pack 2

Alphapack 2 is a 3 channel fully portable dimmer unit, which can be safely secured to a stand or wall with the use a mounting bracket.

This compact and rugged unit has 3 faders for local control, or can be controlled remotely as part of a larger lighting system. The Alphapack 2 offers both analogue and DMX control inputs providing maximum flexibility. A unique safety system and overload protection circuit means that the Alphapack 2 provides an extremely safe and reliable solution to small dimming applications, never allowing the dimmer loads to draw more current than is available from the supply.

£10.00 p/w
Rubber Box 16/1 60 6 13 Amp Distro
£5.00 p/w
Rubber Box 16/1 to 14 x 13 Amp Distro
£7.00 p/w
Rubber Box 32/3 Amp to 3 x 32/1 Amp Distro
£7.00 p/w
Par 16 Transformer (2-Way)
£1.00 p/w
PROGEN Diesel Generator
£85.00 p/w
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