Chroma-Q Plus Colour Changer

The Chroma-Q® Plus™ colour changer combines the proven performance and reliability of the Original Chroma-Q with new advanced features, providing even greater usability and flexibility at the same low price. Features include increased frame capacity (20 colours), variable fan and scroll speed via DMX, gel saver mode, digital LED display, power assist scroll loading and separately available universal mounting plate.


1.04 Medium Bastard Amber
2.05 Rose Tint
3.09 Pale Amber Gold
4. 371 Theatre Booster 1
5. 372 Theatre Booster 2
6.00 Clear
7.10 Medium Yellow
8.15 Deep Straw
9.19 Fire
10.26 Light Red
11. 339 Broadway Pink
12.46 Magenta
13. 349 Fisher Fuschia
14.56 Gypsy Lavender
15.59 Indigo
16.69 Brilliant Blue
17.74 Night Blue
18.85 Deep Blue
19. 389 Chroma Green
20.95 Medium Blue Green

£14.00 p/w
Chroma-Q Plus Colour Changer PSU

The PS08 power supply has a maximum capacity of 8PU and features 2 individual XLR4 outputs each with terminated return inputs. The PS08 has been designed for cable loops of up to 66m / 200ft in total across its outputs.

£15.00 p/w
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