400 Watt UV Canon

400 Watt UV Canon
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  • Lamp: E40, 400W
  • Requires a E40 400W Blacklight Bulb (included)
  • An intense UV Light Cannon ideal for dance floors and night clubs
  • 230Vac, 50Hz (650W)
  • Power: 16 amp plug
  • Safety wire and super light-weight half coupler included
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Price: £40.00 for quick sale
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A powerful UV Cannon which emits an incredible amount of UV light that will cover a large area, ideal for night clubs, rave parties and more!

Give your night club and dance floors a blast of UV light, this huge and powerful UV Cannon is an ideal device to use for DJ parties, night clubs and more. Specially developed for 400w high pressure UV (blacklight) lamps the UV Cannon includes an adjustable mounting bracket which allows you to attach it to the ceiling.

The UV Cannon also features a parabolic reflector and safety grille to spread the light whilst also keeping hands away from the powerful blacklight bulb (included).