NJD Datamoon

DMX gobo lighting effect featuring adjustable focus and stand alone facility, with 14 programs and fan cooling. This product is made from the highest grade materials and incorporates the latest in light optimisation technology. The new improved multi-position bracket design allows the product to be floor or stand mounted.

£10.00 p/w
Mirror Ball 20 Inch

A very popular transportable and lightweight mirror ball which can provide a disco atmosphere to parties, barbecues, dances, or any event by projecting a sparkle effect onto surfaces within range when a spotlight is directed at the mirror ball. Made from lightweight material and covered with polished mirror glass facets.

£5.00 p/w
Elation Sniper 2R

Fast, precise and powerful the new Sniper 2R™ is a revolutionary new hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator which features new lamp technology, the MSD Platinum 2R Lamp at 132 Watts / 6,000 hours. Capable of producing powerful and precise beam and laser like effects - including liquid sky, laser wave and cones, all moving at speeds never seen before. The Sniper 2R™ main functions include a X / Y scan and Z rotation mirror system, 3 facet rotating prism, variable speed shutter / dimmer / strobe, 14 dichroic colors, 17 static gobos including beam reduction gobos, 5pin DMX and powerCON in/out connections, (4) button control panel, 220W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (120-240v).


£35.00 p/w
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